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VUG conducts research in information visualization, virtual environments, related HCI technologies, and the evaluation of these technologies in order to demonstrate the utility and feasibility of visual displays of information to industry and government.

The workshop on 3D & 2D Content Representation, Analysis and Retrieval is being organized at NIST (April 23rd & 24th)

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The group achieves this mission by:

  • Measuring the effectiveness of leading edge HCI technology, primarily information visualization, and web access for improving the interaction among USERS and INFORMATION,
  • Investigating usability and interoperability, and
  • Building evaluation tools and developing evaluation methods.

Our current projects:

  • Usability and Biometrics broadens the awareness of what usability research is and why it is critical to the success of many biometric programs
  • GLUT/Tk -- integrates GLUT and Tcl/Tk to allow OpenGL programmers to easily develop sophisticated GUIs for their graphics applications.
  • IUSR -- initiated to increase the visibility of software usability.
  • DARPA IM -- is to develop evaluation methodologies and tools that enable user-centric testing and benchmarking of information management systems.
  • Web Metrics --to explore the feasibility of a range of tools and techniques that support rapid, remote, and automated testing and evaluation of website usability.
  • CIFter -- initiated to promote the investigation and development of ways to evaluate and benchmark methodologies for assessing the usability of websites.
  • Visualization and Virtual Reality for Manufacturing -- examines the role of advanced user interfaces for manufacturing applications such as:
  • Accessibility -- participation in standards activities to promote accessibiity to electronic information technology.
    • Accessibility Forum -- an ongoing collaboration among stakeholders affected by Section 508 including user, industry, government, and other communities in order to benefit employees and members of the public with disabilities.
    • NCITS V2 -- a technical committee whose first project is to develop standards for an Alternative Interface Access Protocol (AIAP).
  • Ubiquitous Computing -- a framework for Ubiquitous Computing including an extensive bibliography.


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Group Manager: Dr. Sharon Laskowski

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