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Upcoming Events
25th Annual Virginia Wine Festival

August 19 & 20, 2000
The Plains, Virginia

Let's wrap up the summer with a splash…of wine! Come out and join the FoolMobile crew at the 25th Annual Virginia Wine Festival. This year's event will feature 15 bands, great food, fine arts and crafts, and of course wine tasting for those 21 and over. Details »

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Notes From the Road
Back to Bowie
[July 29, 2000] Yes, "Baseball-Bad-Boy" Albert Belle was indeed in Baltimore, but that's only because he wasn't part of the trading frenzy that has racked the Oriole's starting roster and the franchise as a whole. It was a great time to take the FoolMobile and our signature jester caps to Bowie. Complete Story and Photos
Notes and Pictures From the Adventures of the FoolMobile »

About the Foolmobile
What is the FoolMobile?
Just what is the Foolmobile? Can you really drive it with that huge jester cap on top? Was that David and Tom Gardner you saw in it, or were those just their stunt doubles?

Check out our Foolish facts »


Foolish Fun
Recent Contest Winners
We love contests, and we run one at pretty much every event we attend. If you recently saw us and signed up for a contest, check to see if you won.

Spot the FoolMobile Contest
If you spot the FoolMobile at an event, be the first person to post the sighting to the message board, and you'll qualify to win a fabulous prize.

Other Foolish Games & Contests
Visit the Motley Fool's new Fun & Folly area, where you can play games, win prizes, and learn about finance…all in the same place!

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