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Welcome to the Common Industry Format (CIF) IUSR Formative Project
The original CIF (ISO/IEC 25062:2006) was developed as a standard best practice for summative usability testing raises the overall expertise of usability professionals. Many usability professionals are using the CIF as part of formative testing reporting, but it was not designed for this. A series of workshops, aimed at more than just raising the visibility of product usability, but also creating additional standard best practices for usability professionals occurred over a couple of years. Coming out of these workshops was a set of common formative test report elements.

The common elements where extracted and put into a website in hopes that usability professionals could go to the site and use the elements to develop their own formative test reports. We are releasing this prototype of the website for your comments.

Below is a screen capture of the interface. You may cursor over the three main areas to see an explanation of those areas.

screen shot of Common Element website

The website is still being developed so please look at the site and send your comments to

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