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Requirements and Implementation

The components of TreeDec are written in PERL, a language with good features for text analysis. PERL is available for a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. Obviously, it must be installed on your system in order for TreeDec to run.


The source code for TreeDec can be downloaded from our NIST Web Metrics download page. Note that the download is in the form of a gzipped tarfile and that three programs are included. Therefore:

  • Download TreeDec.tar.gz into your WEBMET_TOOLS directory within the standard directory structure.
  • Unzip the file, with a command such as:
        gunzip TreeDec.tar.gz 
  • Extract from the tarfile like so:
        tar -xvf TreeDec.tar
    This will create a TreeDec subdirectory containing the three PERL programs and a README file.

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