Convert-ll utility for TreeDec

1. Overview

The purpose of convert-ll is to process one of the output files of linklint, namely fileF.txt, to create a simple representation of a website as a directed graph. This is contained in the two main output files: You can find more detail in the documentation of how to analyze a website, but note that the version for TreeDec has been modified slightly.

2. Invoking Convert-ll

Convert-ll accepts three optional parameters, which are written in keyword=value format:

2.1 indir

The indir parameter (indir=input_directory) tells convert-ll in which directory to find the fileF.txt file written by linklint. The default is "treedec".

2.2 outdir

The outdir parameter (outdir=output_directory) tells convert-ll in which directory to write the pages.dat and links.dat files. The default is "treedec".

2.3 dir

The dir parameter (dir=inout_directory) is a shortcut for indir and outdir to indicate that input and output files are in the same directory. The default is "treedec".

3. Results

Convert-ll writes informative and diagnostic messages to STDOUT. These messages indicate whether fileF.txt was analyzed successfully, and, if not, which records within the file could not be parsed.

4. Next Step: GenTree

Read all about it.

Version 1.1
Page last modified: 15 May 2002
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