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Windows Installation of VisVIP


The Windows implementation, VisVip/PC, is distributed as a self installing executable file created with Inno Setup. It has was designed to work on any 32-bit MS Windows platform, and has been tested on Windows 95, 98, NT 4, and 2000. This distribution is executable files and scripts. Source code is available upon request. The Windows implementation of VisVIP requires certain supporting software. VisVIP -
  • reads input files generated by PERL scripts. One of these, Linklint, is shareware. The others are part of the VisVIP package. Thus you need to be able to run PERL on your system.
  • invokes OpenGL and WGL (Windows GL extensions) for 3D graphic output. Windows 95 users need to install Service Pack 1 in order to have the required OpenGL support. Windows 2000 users need to install an accelerated OpenGL driver for their video card because of problems with the software implementation of OpenGL.
  • launches a Tcl/Tk process for the control menu, thus you need a Tcl/Tk implementation, version 8.1 or higher, or the modified version 8.0 that comes with Cygwin.
  • exchanges information with the Tcl/Tk menu via application specific MS Windows events.
  • uses your default web browser for text display and to show pages of website.


Go to the NIST Web Metrics download page and download the setup executable for VisVIP. This executable can be downloaded to an arbitrary location on your Windows computer, for example, C:\temp, and executed to install VisVip. It allows you to use the default location C:\WebMetrics or specify another location to install the VisVip files. It also an item in the start menu to run VisVip. The Windows version of VisVIP comes with three sets of sample data, which are placed in the WebLogs folder. When you start VisVIP from the start menu it will bring up a default site, which you can change by editing the target in the item's shortcut properties. You can also view data for other sites using the "Load Site" button at the bottom of the control window.

VisVIP Files

The source code files for windows are arranged similarly to the unix source code files described in Installation of VisVIP: UNIX Source. However, the Windows version uses a Tcl 8.x module instead of a special interpreter.


VisVip/PC was ported from Unix using Cygwin, which includes the GNU C Compiler. To compile, you also need the OpenGL link libraries and header files from the Microsoft Platform SDK.

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