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Contact your system administrator for assistance in installing WebCAT. The system administrator will be interested in the following:
  • WebCAT includes CGI programs that will be run on the web server.
  • The web server must be configured to execute CGI programs in the WebTools/WebCAT/cgi-bin/ directory.
  1. Download WebCAT.tar.gz from our NIST Web Metrics download page.
  2. Unpack the distribution. For example, using GNU unzip and tar:
         gunzip WebCAT.tar.gz
         tar xvf WebCAT.tar
    The following directory structure is created.
    HTML pages will reside in the WebTools/WebCAT/ directory. The associated WebCAT executable resides in cgi-bin/. Java classes are stored in classes/. The Experiments/ subdirectory is the location where subdirectories are created for each card sorting experiment you create. The Nursery/ subdirectory is used during design creation and modification.
  3. The programs in this distribution are compiled for RedHat Linux 8.0. If you need to compile them for another platform, change your working directory to WebTools/WebCAT/cgi-bin/sources and "make clean install." You will need to fix any compilation or linking errors that might occur.

    In order to do the following steps, you typically need root privileges.

  4. Change the owner of the Experiments and Nursery directories, and all their contents, to the user as whom the web server runs, typically nobody or apache, and make sure that the user and group have read, write, and execute permission. It is also useful to set the set-group-ID bit, so that files created in these directories will be owned by the same group as the directories. For example:
         cd WebTools/WebCAT
         chown -R <web user> Experiments Nursery
         chmod ug=rwx,g+s Experiments Nursery
  5. Verify that the other directories and files have the right access controls. The directories need to be readable and executable by the web server user, the html files need to be readable, and the executable files in cgi-bin need to be executable.
  6. Edit your httpd configuration file so that the server can find the files and CGI programs it will need for WebCAT. e.g., for apache server we added the following two lines to the configuration file in this order:

    ScriptAlias /WebTools/WebCAT/cgi-bin/ /<path>/WebTools/WebCAT/cgi-bin/

    Alias /WebTools/ /<path>/WebTools/

    (Beware of line wrapping in your web browser. Replace "<path>" with the actual location on your system where you untarred the WebCAT distribution.)
  7. Create the file: .../WebTools/WebVIP/cgi-bin/webmetrics.env. Supply a URL for the cgi-bin directory and path for WebTools. For example:
    • CGI_HOME=
    • WEBMET_TOOLS=/home/konczal/html/WebMetrics/WebTools
  8. restart httpd
How to access
  • The documentation for WebCAT: http://<hostname>/WebTools/WebCAT/operation.html
  • The setup starts at: http://<hostname>/WebTools/WebCAT/cgi-bin/ue_setup.exe
    where: "hostname" is the domain name of your server

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