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Requirements A WebServer
  • Apache server is available for Win32 and has been tested with WebCAT with excellent results.
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98 or NT4/2000 with Internet Information Server (IIS)/Personal Web Server (PWS); all have been successfully tested with WebCAT.
  • We have not tried any others, but most web servers that support CGI should be able to run WebCAT.
Note: Windows ME does not ship with a webserver; Apache can be installed.
Download and Install
  1. Download WebCAT.exe from the NIST Web Metrics download page.
  2. WebCAT.exe is a self-installing executable. Select 'Open' from the Download dialog or double-click its icon to start the installation.
  3. Configure your web server:
    • to recognize the following locations.
      • as the location where WebCAT was installed. Set permissions to allow reading.
      • as executable.
    • Tips for:
      • Apache:
        Add the following ScriptAlias at the appropriate postion in httpd.conf:
        Alias /WebTools "C:/{path}/WebTools"
        ScriptAlias /WebTools/WebCAT/cgi-bin/ "C:/{path}/WebTools/WebCAT/cgi-bin/"
        <Directory "C:/{path}/WebTools/WebCAT/cgi-bin/">
            AllowOverride None
            Options ExecCGI
            Order allow,deny
            Allow from all
      • Windows web server (IIS):
        1. Open Windows Explorer and locate each of the above folders.
        2. Right click on the folder icon and choose 'Sharing' from the menu.
        3. Choose the 'Web Sharing' or 'Internet' tab.
        4. Select the radio button 'Share this folder'.
        5. In the 'Alias' area, enter '/WebTools', or 'WebTools/WebCAT/cgi-bin', as appropriate.
        6. Set the access permissions: '/WebTools' should have 'Read' access and 'WebTools/WebCAT/cgi-bin' should have 'Execute' access. Although the appearance of the dialogs is slightly different for each Windows version and is different even between Editions, e.g., Windows2000 Professional and Enterprise, it is usually clear which options need to be set. Note that although other options may be selected, the Read or Execute is the minimal combination that preserves maximum security.
        7. If you have NTFS installed, you will need to select the 'Security' tab and turn on folder creation, folder deletion, file creation and file deletion for the /Experiments and /Nursery subdirectories. See this screenshot for a sample of a correctly configured server.
      • Other web server:
        The CGI specification is silent about the working directory, but WebCAT expects to be running in its own cgi-bin directory.
How to access
  • The documentation for WebCAT: http://<hostname>/WebTools/WebCAT/operation.html
  • The setup starts at: http://<hostname>/WebTools/WebCAT/cgi-bin/ue_setup.exe
    where: "hostname" is the domain name of your server
Directory Structure During extraction of the downloaded ZIP file, the following directory structure is created.
'installationDirectory' refers to the directory which was chosen by you in Installation step #2.
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