Release Notes and Known Bugs

Version history
Date Version Description of change(s)
10/31/2001 2.0 Changes from WebCAT v1.1 include:

Usability Engineer interface for setting up experimental design

  • wide variety of experiment types
  • choice of alphabetic, as-entered, and random presentation orders for items and named categories
  • pre-named, subject-named (both 'required' and 'optional'), and unnamed category options
  • formatted instructions for subjects
  • facility for supporting comments by subjects

Subject's interface

  • improved subject interface and interaction
  • redundant color coding of item list and category bins during interaction
  • text area for subject comments
  • items can be moved from bin to bin until the subject is satisfied
  • dynamic creation of additional bins, if allowed by the design

Results presentation

  • tree representation and interaction inspired by IBM EZ Sort
  • summary of subject comments
  • tabular summary of subject categorization
  • link to raw data to support analysis by other software packages
11/30/2001 2.1 Subject Interface: highlighting of items upon mouseover and mousedrag.

Results Interface:

  • embedded applet converted to a pop-up frame.
  • font size enlarged and colors darkened to be more visible.
  • support display of subsets of subjects.

Bug fixes described in following table.

Installation instructions for Windows platform regarding http server configuration.

1/29/02 2.2 Usability Engineer Setup Interface:
  • added fontsize and fontstyle option

Bug fixes described in following table.

Installation instructions for Windows platform regarding http server configuration.

4/3/02 2.4 Results Interface:
  • Provided a ScrollPane for results applet, especially useful in low-res and small monitor situations.
4/19/02 2.4.1 Bug Fix described in the following table.
5/24/02 2.5 Bug Fix described in the following table.

Bug fixes
Date Problem Solution
11/28/2001 Error message when invoking ue_setup.exe: "Unable to open WebCATUEp1.dat" Recompile with Visual Studio C compiler; gcc under cygwin was not working on Windows 2000 or Window NT. Apparently there was an odd interaction with pre-installed Tcl.
11/30/2001 Error message when attempting to view subject data: "Unable to find second quote" If ampersands (&) were used in item names, category names, subject ID, or comment fields, the QUERY_STRING returned by the applet would be incorrectly parsed. This caused newlines to be inserted into the data files, thus splitting strings across lines. Fixed by substituting && for each instance.
Double quotes not detected in subject text input. Detect double quotes and warn user. Substitute single quotes if the user makes no changes.
1/29/2002 Error message when choosing 'Edit existing experiment: "Unable to create directory: already exists" Original code 'cleanup' overlooked the difference between 'Create', 'Edit' and 'Copy'.
3/1/2002 Commas in item names are not recognized as valid. Commas are valid.
4/19/2002 Ampersands (&) cause the viewing of results to pop up an error dialog. The contents of data.html are incomplete. Ampersands (&) are handled properly; created new parse function for the returned packets.
5/24/2002 Item list containing more than 1000 characters rejected, even if 75 or fewer items of 30 or fewer characters are entered. Change from GET to POST method to allow transmission of more characters. GET is limited by the maximum URL size.

Other problems

Netscape 6.x on Linux system
The Java interface of the cardsort program does not display properly. When setup entails the "required" or "allowed" options for naming categories, the categories and items do not show.

Version 2.5
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