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System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows or Unix. It has been tested on Windows 95, 98, ,NT 4, 2000, Red Hat 8.0 Linux, Sun Solaris 8, and IRIX 6.5. The source code for the CGI programs, written in C, should compile on most modern varieties of Unix.
  • Web Server: It has been tested with Internet Information Server (IIS), Personal Web Server (PWS), and Apache.
  • Optional: w3mir to automatically copy a website, or you can copy it yourself. W3mir requires a Perl interpreter with the LWP module installed.
  • Subjects must use Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer.
  • The FLUD format data files can be parsed by the FLUD parser, then visualized with VisVIP. Neither of these, however, is required to collect the data.
Download WebVIP.exe from our NIST Web Metrics download page into an arbitrary location, like C:\temp, and execute it. This will install the WebVIP subdirectories and files in C:\WebMetrics\WebTools\VisVIP, or whatever other folder you specify.
Download WebVIP.tar.gz from our NIST Web Metrics download page onto your local disk. You might need to be root to do the rest. Change your working directory to the location where you wish to install WebVIP. Uncompress and untar WebVIP.tar.gz, to create the directory WebTools, which contains subdirectories and files.
Web Server Requirements Configure your web server to recognize the following virtual directories, or aliases. Replace "<webserver>" with the internet hostname of your webserver.
http://<webserver>/WebLogs readable NIST Web Metrics testbed component subdirectories.
http://<webserver>/WebTools readable NIST Web Metrics testbed component subdirectories.
http://<webserver>/WebTools/WebVIP readable WebVIP HTML files and subdirectories.
http://<webserver>/WebTools/WebVIP/cgi-bin executable WebVIP CGI programs.
Configuration Files Edit the following files.
  1. ...WebTools/WebVIP/cgi-bin/webmetrics.env
    Supply URL for the cgi-bin directory and path for WebTools.
    • Example for a Windows system.
      • CGI_BIN=
      • WEBMET_TOOLS=c:/WebMetrics/WebTools
    • Example for a UNIX system.
      • CGI_BIN=
      • WEBMET_TOOLS=/home/emorse/html/WebTools
    (Values can also be supplied for BASE_URL and WEBLOG_DATA, but the default values derived from CGI_BIN and WEBMET_TOOLS are adequate for typical installations.)
  2. ...WebTools/WebVIP/cgi-bin/w3mir_loc.txt
    If w3mir is available on your system, create this file in this location and enter the location on the first line (e.g., c:/w3mir/w3mir or /usr/local/w3mir).
  3. ...WebLogs/Demo/webstruct/url2nn.dat
    If you want to try collecting some data on the "Demo" site provided with WebVIP, you need to edit the first line and replace "" with the name of the host where you have installed WebVIP, otherwise the parser will generate some errors in the pretty print version of the logs.

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