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This is the README file for WebVIP. WebVIP is part of the Web Metrics Testbed. Use this link to find out more about the Testbed and its other tools for usability measurement. If you are reading this file, you have probably already downloaded and unpacked WebVIP. These instructions should help you get started using it. If you have used an older version of WebVIP, see the Release Notes to find out what has changed.

Installation Make sure you finish the last two sections of the installation process, labeled "Web Server Requirements" and "Configuration Files."
Contents When you unpacked WebVIP, either by executing the Windows self installing executable WebVIP-windows.exe, or uncompressing and untarring a Unix distribution, the following directory structure should have been created in your chosen installation location:

HTML documentation pages reside in the WebTools/WebVIP/ directory. The associated WebVIP executables reside in cgi-bin/. Images and graphics used in the WebVIP html pages will reside in WebTools/resources/images/. A stylesheet in WebTools/resources/style controls the appearance of the documentation pages. See Web Metrics Directory Structure for more details.


(The CGI programs in these pages will not work if you access them as files, they need to be accessed through your web server.) The Operation page provides a link to the setup wizard, which is used to copy and instrument a site, and to view the results. The Results page describes the many files created by WebVIP.

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Page last modified: 15 May 2002
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