WebVIP Release Notes and Known Bugs

Changes in Version 2.5

Changes in Version 2.0

Version 1.0

Initial release.

Known bugs

None yet.

Other problems

WebVIP does not instrument dynamic pages -- .asp, .jsp, etc.
Dynamic pages are NOT instrumented by WebVIP, though a small tweak could 'make it happen'.
WebVIP does not capture the events on Java applet and Macromedia Flash
Applets are black holes. Applet events are not routed to the browser's event queue but rather the go to the java class that mediates the interaction. This means that user interaction with java widgets will go undetected. Therefore, HTML form elements can be dissected totally, but applets that mimic a form are black boxes for WebVIP's point of view. If 'mouse motion' detection is turned on, you would be able to view everything to the edges of the applet.
Personal Web Server (PWS) in Windows 98
Windows Setup will tell you that PWS is installed but it only installs the instructions for really installing PWS. The instructions might be found in the "Start" menu under "Programs | Internet Explorer | Personal Web Server."

Version 2.5
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