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Archive of the
Workshop on Usability and the Web

4 - 5 November, 2002

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Lecture room C, ADMIN (101) Building
Gaithersburg (near Washington D.C.), Maryland, USA
In collaboration with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) hosted a workshop to develop a plan for Web usability efforts.

There are three aspects that the workshop considered:
  1. the usability of W3C specifications
  2. how they affect usability of software based on them, and
  3. how to improve the overall usability of the Web
A number of speakers were invited to discuss usability of documentation, web usability, and products of various W3C Working Groups. Each attendee was asked to submit a 1-2 page position paper outlining one or more activities/approaches that could be undertaken by the group.

The workshop organizers reviewed these prior to the workshop and requested presentations of representative ideas from selected attendees. The outcome of the workshop was an outline of plans and activities that a usability interest group, if approved by the W3C, would undertake.

Jean Scholtz, jean.scholtz@nist.gov
Steven Pemberton, steven.pemberton@cwi.nl
Sharon Laskowski, sharon.laskowski@nist.gov

Questions? Contact Sharon Laskowski, sharon.laskowski@nist.gov, 301-975-3265

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